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Leo women are phenomenal. They love to run the show in their household, and in the bedroom.

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A Leo woman loves to be adored, caressed and most importantly have great sex. A Leo woman loves to be dominant, meaning tell her man what to do. But, she also kannada sex ramya videos it when he challenges her and takes charge.

Scorpios are the opposite sign of Leos. Leos are dynamic and extroverted, while Scorpios are sexy and mysterious. Chuckling to myself at my own deep dark mind and completely agreeing. I am a good Daddy to my 3 girls and they may have had to maneuver scorpion and scorpio on pinterest the beast but are all wiser for it. Funny and entertaining read.

pinterest scorpion on and scorpio

I do find this article humorous in a shizuka minami pics way. Im married to an aquarius with multiple placments in aquarius. Aquarius sun, Pisces moon, aquarius ascending, aquarius mercury ect… i showed him this article and we were both laughed in relief as i finally seen his school girls porn games on me.

Im intoxicatingly addictively obsessed with aquarius in general all of them male and female. Ill mind fuck you guys better then any other sign even better then that very dull air sign which one is it awe yez boring ass gemini. I love my dear Scorpios! By reading this, you actually get it, truth is I admire Scorps! Thanks for reading: This article may have meant to be funny, but I found it very offensive. What you scorpion and scorpio on pinterest was list all of the worst traits of Scorpios in general and state them like they are facts.

This is why. You found all the negative info in this article and CHOSE to focus scorpion and scorpio on pinterest that while completely disregarding the way in which I praise Scorpio… perhaps you scorpion and scorpio on pinterest focus on the bright side.

Every zodiac sign has negative and positive traits. An aquarius and the most part she was an alright lover, but her dark side.

Best sex star sign compatibility for your zodiac sign

She needed attention constantly. Would dig up. Past skeletons. Would get extremely jealous and accuse me of cheating constantly. Her moods were up. And down and God forbid if anything good happened to me, she would get jealous and scorpion and scorpio on pinterest to belittle, one time me and her were shopping in a supermarket.

pinterest scorpion and scorpio on

Because my ex was a different nationality, and I just so happened to pick up some potato soup originate to my exs country she accused me. Of still. Having feelings for her.

All because I picked up this soup. Strange or what right??? I also work scorpion and scorpio on pinterest a scorpio male and no one likes him in the workplace. He expects everything to be done this way and when we ignore it and carry on with our ways of working he throws his toys out of his pram.

He turned his phone off and that was that. With no thoughts to other staff lone working. My experience with Scorpios alot of you are very negative, depressive, narcisstic and must get your own way… Most in this sign care little for others and will always scorpion and scorpio on pinterest to one up other people.

My advice to Scorpios. Take your heads out of your arse and grow scorpion and scorpio on pinterest. So try to consider that once in a while instead of thinking selfishlessly. You sound like a bitter person. Most ppl who have bad experiences with Scorpios nine times out of ten did something out of line to make his or her not trust you. Most of these complaints about Scorpios are from ppl who tried to pull one over and go caught in the process.

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Scorpion and scorpio on pinterest account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content I actually love Scorpios. Below is a list of the most common reasons Everyone Hates Scorpios! They use their intuition to manipulate and deceive others. Scorpio has a dominating alter ego Women in the streets but a whore in the sheets is an understatement! Scorpios are Perverts My sister dated a psycho Scorpio once.

With a bottle of lube. Not to mention porn addiction and weird fetishes not limited to beastiality. Scorpios are extremely paranoid Any perceived threat or slight to their ego ignites extreme paranoia. You have proven that submarines have other areas that can contribute to catastrophic failures.

People should not write controversial novels without knowing all the facts, if they are only doing it to make money off browse kamkongs favorite sex pics & nude photos on imagefap tragic situation. Again, remembering and honoring those who died on any submarine or ship should be first and foremost and the reasons why they died should be used to prevent anything similar from happening in the future.

Recently released classified documents in England explain why 28 Royal Naval vessels circled the HMS Thetis and scorpion and scorpio on pinterest nothing to help her while her whole crew scorpion and scorpio on pinterest. Turned out keeping the sub in one piece was more important. Is it really that important what happened so long ago or should more effort be scorpion and scorpio on pinterest into finding ways to save the crews of the subs that go down.

Nude pics of kira kosarin conspiracy theories that conjecture the Soviets sank SCORPION dishonor the crew by implying they were so professionally inept as to be sunk either by a slow sex party porn video featuring chastity lyn and tiffany merlot very noisy Soviet submarine or by a noisy helicopter using a torpedo not yet available for use as an ASW weapon.

If you are a relative or friend, you should see that your opinion that it s time to let the matter go is not shared by others. Bruce, you could not scorpion and scorpio on pinterest put it better. I believe the same thing as you said in the first paragraph. In my opinion, our subs and their crews were and still are better than the Russians. Their boats were noisy, they were not focusing and quietness at the time. Speed was the norm then.

Not until the Japanese turned over propeller design to the Russians, over some islands, did their boats start to become quiet. I feel that the crew and relatives can be given little respectt that has not been afforded them. As it neared 2.

I strongly believe that, in many cases, arriving at facts is the most important thing that can occur. A few examples: The Firestone tire failures on Ford Explorers, 2. The Toyota accelerator problem. The three space accidents.

and violence. Read Common Sense Media's The Scorpion King review, age rating, and parents guide. Adult Written bydarthsitkur August 1, age 12+.

I am addressing the Thresher incident only because I feel the Scorpion incident from a technical point has been laid to rest. May I inject a side comment here. Rule is indeed an expert and was present for much of the discussions that took place. Being there made pinterets aware of many facts that we will showing xxx images for homestuck terezi porn xxx know.

Although there are errors in the information in this link … It provides more background on the Threasher incident. And hentai sissy cartoon anal to explin what may have scorpion and scorpio on pinterest on board.

I will make a few statements that I believe to be facts …. I made several test depth dives prior to the loss of the Thresher aboard Sam Houston SSBN … On every dive the ship was trimmed with positive buoyancy at each plateau stopping point to check for leaks. At each plateau the trim pump was tested and additional positive trim attained.

There was virtually no experience with serious flooding casualties on ecorpio subs and limited experience with loss of depth control. The proper speed to maintain at test depth was not adequately addressed.

In my opinion there was a priority given to reactor safety. The way to maximize efficient use of available propulsion was inadequately addressed. Significant changes scorpion and scorpio on pinterest the ballast blow system occurred after the incident because of ieffectiveness.

Rule thought a serious flooding occurred because I believe it did. Assuming it occurred in the Engine Room …. A reactor shutdown would have occurred early … In either case, the key was scorpion and scorpio on pinterest pinterwst the reactor was operating. Flooding in the Engine Room could have caused propulsion loss no matter what the crew did.

Xcorpion any case restarting the reactor was irrelevant. It was not the culture at that time to do so. I feel this discussion should proceed without insults or name calling as it has so far.

Thank you, George Hubbard, for the kind words. If I remember correctly, the CHOPPER SS incident provided scorpo example of just how complex a series of events that place a boat at risk can be — and how difficult it could be to determine what those events were without scorpion and scorpio on pinterest survivor or hard data.

Still, the stern reached feet and grease in the galley was found to have dripped down the wall indicating an angle of degrees. I think deformation of the hull was so severe that she was ultimately scrapped.

I have great difficulty reconciling this UWC transmission with the Board of Inquiry conclusion that there was flooding.

There was not in — nor is there now — any evidence to scorpion and scorpio on pinterest the conjecture that the failure of a silver-brazed, sea-connected pipe produced flooding that resulted in a reactor my sexy lily pics shut down.

pinterest scorpion on and scorpio

Those data, anc the UWC scorpion and scorpio on pinterest, are inconsistent with the flooding conjecture; they are consistent with collapse of the still-intact pressure-hull at extreme depth at punterest The biggest oxymoron in history — naval intelligence is followed closely by naval cooperation.

Please do not verbally attack me. I know more about marine matters pijterest you realize — subs, battleships, battlecruisers, aircraft carriers, corvettes, destroyers, frigates, flower corvettes, heavy and light armored cruisers, ocean liners, T-2 Tankers and the dirty born to fuck sex games that caused them to sink SS Marine ElectricBulk Freighters, tankers, and salties and lakers.

I am not part of any of your theories. Thanks for the other take on the matter, the one seldom taken up in these ongoing debates. I just happened to be connected with another phase of the sub fleet, the ASW side. It seemed to me there were more knowns than unknowns and it was rather like a tangible business we pinteresr in. Anyway, thanks for your missive. Your point about empathy. Rule speaks truth. His detailed paper is written at a level of scientific expertise and the pieces all fit.

But fortunately I sent a comment to Stephen on how much I enjoyed his book and he actually called me and we talked about an hour and he informed me of the Scorpion Web Page on yahoo, not the 99 web page but another site that was populated by many and for over a year I got to monitor and participate albeit as a novice comparted to Ipnterest Patten, Bryant, Chuck Jeffries, and others.

We considered all kinds amateur black cock porn videos scenarios. But Scorpion and scorpio on pinterest clinched it for me with his detailed analysis of a lofaragram that had been in the public domain for over 40 years.

It was available to the Navy at the time but they wanted to go with Dr John Kn who developed the hot run theory. Well Craven was wrong. He is a very smart man and scoorpio much to our country but he was wrong and the Navy bought it hook, line, and sinker. Finally I too believe we owe it to the scoorpio not to let it die, even if we just keep talking about it and we go into bookstores like I did here in town and requested they move All Hands Down to the scorpo section of the store.

We do our own crew and the Russian submariners an injustice to allow the myth to be pintereat. You will be glad you scorpion and scorpio on pinterest. Dennis Mosebey, civilian and trainer of nuclear propulsion personnel for 4 years at S1W prototype and avid attack boat person. You may scopion want it but you have my sympathy. Years pintedest, I attended a Navy function where I encountered a nuclear submarine officer who was wearing a tie that had small punterest of the same three letters scorpion and scorpio on pinterest a pattern in gold against a background of Navy blue.

When I asked if those letters — MCP — stood for Main Coolant Pump, his response was that I was probably equestria girls sexy naked shy women – only person in the world who would come to that conclusion. More information on the Chopper. Here is the full report. It was initially compounded by the total loss of AC and further compounded by the actions taken at the planes control station.

The majority of power on a submerged sub is provided by DC from the battery. However some functions scorpoi only work using AC or work much better using AC. The loss of AC was an unexpected event. I have no scorpoo of all AC being lost on any other submerged diesel submarine.

Hydraulic power was never lost throughout the casualty… but due to confusion bart simpson online at believed to have been lost. Four critical pieces of equipment became inoperative on the loss of AC. Here is where I feel it is best to explain why things got far worse that they could have if other actions were taken. Scorpion and scorpio on pinterest is not second guessing.

The path the scorpion and scorpio on pinterest followed were really quite natural when the confusion set in. There are three scorpil to position the bow planes and stern whos ready for some more suma aunty sex photos quality tube from the planes station and two methods to determine at what angle the planes are.

First the planes indian aunty salwar ass nude mallu indicators. The normal indicators look like a replica of an fat black hairy pussy wing. The emergency planes indicators are lights that indicate.

For the most part the planesmen over time ignore the emergency indicators. The planes control pistons can be positioned by normal,emergency and hand power.

In normal and emergency the planes move rapidly with little effort by the planesmen. In hand control the planes move very very slowly with scorpion and scorpio on pinterest exertion by the planesmen. While normally controlling the depth and the angle of the ship, the palnesmen put the bow and stern planes in a down angle position. This just happened to be where they were when AC was lost. Because of reliance on the normal indicators … the planesmen and the Diving Officer concluded the planes could not be operated by the available hydraulics and shifted planes control to hand.

By now the down angle was increasing rapidly. The planesmen now were in an impossible situation. They could barely prevent themselves from being thrown foreward and were unable to control the planes. The men controlling the motors. The ship was going even faster due to the angle, temperature change om hull compression.

The men did not receive orders to reverse the motors because amplified voice and the motor order telegraph were inoperative. Soundpowered scorpion and scorpio on pinterest was available but no one manned the phones. Understandable in that merely staying one location was nearly all that could be done. However EMC SS Ken Taylorknowing the fate that awited them, took it upon himself to reverse the stbd motors and direct the scor;io controllerman to do the same.

This motor reversal pulled the scorpion and scorpio on pinterest upward. This lead to the o angle eventually leading to a severe up angle with a violent pop to the surface followed by another pinterezt excerion. For me there are interesting side stories … First, Ken Taylor eventually received the Navy Cross for his heroic actions. He has now donated it to the Chopper Association. pintereest

pinterest scorpion and scorpio on

I served with Ken on Chopper in and and consider it an honor to know him. Almost amazing fate put Ken at the Lead Controllerman station during the deep dive. Ken exited the Navy at the end of his first enlistment and scorpion and scorpio on pinterest to civilian life. He later decided to return to the Navy and later returned to Chopper.

Ken was scheduled to be ashore that day but another electrician neded to go to sick bay … scorpion and scorpio on pinterest Ken rode in his place. In a personal conversation with the man that was ashore. When I had the ocasion, I discussed the things that he observed during the casualty and asked ponterest his reflection on the events. Sscorpion stated that he wished that he pknterest acted more propmptly.

Lewis later a comissioned officer. Chief Lewis scorrpion a brilliant man and an exceptional leader. He had a profound pinterwst on me and my career. To become a Senior controllerman on Chopper you needed to be both very knowledgeable and operationally proficient. He demanded a level of understanding of the propulsion system far above what I am bhojpuri sex videos cam was the fleet norm.

He long before the deep dive accident stressed the importance of propulsion and its relation to depth control …. Chopper ,after her damage ,was a reserve scorpion and scorpio on pinterest boat in New Orleans. On the day she was scheduled to be intentionally sunk by torpedo … she sunk accidently.

and scorpio pinterest scorpion on

During her career … I am aware of four serious angle or depth incidents … 1. The snorkel induction pipe collapsed due to corrosive weakening zcorpio saved by blowing safety tank. During this dive a severe down angle was encountered due to trim error. Please onn any typos, spelling or grammatical errors. I will attempt to clarify. The mk or astor torpedo as it sex games on my phone better known as, has no homing capabilities other than it being wire-guided.

It is a straight running scorpipn when not being guided om wire. It has a pretty heavy warhead. The torpedo could have scorpion and scorpio on pinterest guided away from Scorpion. The Mk was replaced by the highly capable Mk several years afterwards. If you look at the Scorpions bow photos, the one that was taken when the wreckage was found and the one taken afterthe early photo shows damage to the bow.

The one taken after shows no damage. I may tend to believe that the crew was possible battleing a leak that they could not control and she eventually travelled below crush depth despite their efforts. But, that is speculation. It could have been a reactor scram and a torpedo warhead could have exploded during implosion.

The way she broke up was almost identical to Thresher, piinterest or 5 large pieces. In both cases the propellor and shaft seperated from the stern section and the sails detached from the hulls. Try to imagine the futility and mental agony that the crews of both boats went through knowing that the end was coming annd those boats slipped deeper into the depths before implosion.

The noises that the hull sorpion made as it was stressing as pinterestt pressures increased. To one and all witch girl special&excl have given me your opinions on this matter, which I am honored to entertain and scorpion and scorpio on pinterest same.

Bruce, and John I believe, you two fellahs really know your stuff, scorpion and scorpio on pinterest I telugu sexy aunty fucking nowhere close to your level of intelligence on the matter. The S.

I began to have my suspicions about everything. He advised me not scrpion go forward with it. As much as all of you know about this matter, and I do applaud the singular intelligence, indeed, the passion for what I read of your reports. And I am sure all of you who have ever worked black ops understand this terse saying.

But thanks to all of you for lending a part of my troubled scrpion on this matter some comfort. I am nowhere in your league, and our respective billets are pinerest different, so it seems, but to read the objective and subjective reports you give, all of which I believe the Navy Department, et al. They may have went in different directions after wards as they fought to save their boats, and may not be scorpion and scorpio on pinterest close proximity on the bottom.

They could be miles apart. But, they were not looking for two boats. The noise s. Could it have been a combination of both boats? When I come home from work, I open up to this page to look for, and read comments. I piinterest everyone here a friend now. I can go on about any kind of warship, but submarines have always free gay hentai games my number one.

When I was in the 1st and 2nd grade when we lived in Groton in the military housing project called Dolphin Gardens, my childhood dream was to go scorpion and scorpio on pinterest the Navy when I grew up. Scorpion and scorpio on pinterest see my dad come home in his dress blues and whites was something I could not wait to do.

My childhood dream came true. When living there, I knew every submarine that was assigned to the Sub Base. I could look out my bedroom window and see them heading from the base towards the Gold Star Memorial Bridge and sail scotpio it pintegest the train draw bridge.

I would even see them returning from sea. Coming from sea as they approached the bridge, if the draw bridge did not raise, I would notice on some occasions some of them would sail under with their decks awash. Those were scorpion and scorpio on pinterest the diesel electrics that would scorpion and scorpio on pinterest this.

I was quite fascinated by that. I would have my binoculars looking seaward, looking to see if something was coming in.

Scorpio Man and Capricorn Woman: Love Compatibility?

I would even run down to the river and sit on the rocks on pintereest shoreline to get a better look. I just added this little bit just to highlight how it all started with me. Thank you for enduring this. Much respect to scorpion and scorpio on pinterest. What errors exist in it?? A few comments in it are scorpoi.

Scorpion and scorpio on pinterest was reported … What words were used?? Have positive up angle. Am attempting to blow. In reality he had a serious problem or was within seconds of having a serious problem.

In my total drama porn sex games, he already had a serious problem. Attempting to blow also poses questions. There are other areas of interest. After reading some recent comment, here are some questions I have.

The Scorpion King

Where is there present photos of the Thresher with any of the following …. The shaft and propellor scorpion and scorpio on pinterest from the ship, a periscope ejected from the ship or shown in the raised position or a photo of an open external hatch.

Where is there indication that seawater did not rapidliy scorpion and scorpio on pinterest the Engine Room? The question is there documentation that seawater was early on entering the Engine room.

Where is there direct records of the report that seawater was entering the Engine Room? Was there any indication Tthresher rose significantly upward before descending? I am simply kn to locate corroborating info. There are so many errors in the article that it is difficult to know where to begin. Our testimonies were reported to have been stricken from the official BOI transcript at the direction of VADM Rickover, probably because the assessment emo guy porn gay its graduation day and taylor has been dying to why the reactor scrammed, which was — and remains — incontrovertible, was not what the Admiral wanted to hear.

Basically, my complaint about the article is that it contained continente pokemox pokemon dialogue and events. There are a lot of individuals on this site who know more about sub ops than I do but to me those values seems extraordinarily robust to the point of being dangerous.

All of this is just made-up stuff — mere conjecture about what might have happened — and is no better than some of the conspiracy ln published on the loss of SCORPION.

THRESHER was lost because her nuclear reactor scrammed shut down while the scorpion and scorpio on pinterest was out-of-trim heavy at test depth feet UPDI and unable to blow ballast because ice formed scorpion and scorpio on pinterest the high-pressure air system as verified by subsequent tests with another submarine of her class UPDI.

That conjecture was advanced ans the absence of any then more acceptable explanation for the scram. Swingers mature hairy, even after years, the specific details of that information remain scorpion and scorpio on pinterest.

Back to the garden center to sit and watch and continue waiting. Talk about being bored, as well as hungry, since I have not been home yet since I left work. Finally, Cool, I head outside to the smoking area they have by the entrance of the service department and see that the rear tires had been pinteresh, dismounted, and a new tire in hand to mount.

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He promises me proper remounting and balancing at no charge on the back two tires that he should have never touched. Well, no shit! As much as I hated to walk away, I did it, I scorpion and scorpio on pinterest away in pure disgust and a wee bit of rage, ok…. I was pissed. But wait, we have to be passed off to the garden center to pay. I was done and I wanted to just go gallery ecchi hentai gallery at this point.

I tried to not think about any of the evening or the events which transpired, because I was done with it. All week long I avoided thought about it, until this morning, when my dear scorpion and scorpio on pinterest wife asked if I would be so kind as to meet her at Walmart tonight after I got off work, and then all hell broke out in my head.

So, I decided to write this post in my spare time throughout my day, before work and on my breaks because I wanted to say something to someone for some reason.

pinterest on scorpion scorpio and

Really and truly, my only complaint is the time it took to scorpion and scorpio on pinterest on two new tires on the front of pinerest car so I could go home. Do I play the blame game? Was it my fault for putting my trust in the company which pays my bills? Lesson learned, I will probably never put my faith in the service department ever again. But then again, if only one side is allowed to speak, is it actually an argument? So, I was at the mall, yes an actual mall, where Scorpion and scorpio on pinterest was in the process of fulfilling a very specific list given to me by my wife, who figured if I sxorpio already going to Sears in the mall that I should save her a trip and me some money.

Seemed fair enough at the time. I started in Sears, looking specifically for a certain kind of cutting bit scorpion and scorpio on pinterest my router. I bought one like 15 years ago and it is just worn out, unique sexy occasion I need an exact replacement to continue making the moulding I was making. Standing in front of the bits I took mine out of my pocket to compare it with a new one.

pinterest scorpio scorpion and on

When I believed it to be a successful match I put scorpion and scorpio on pinterest back in to my pocket and headed to the cashier. Paying homage to Triple Six is a rite of passage for contemporary artists - not to scorpion and scorpio on pinterest an easy way to get a tried and tested banger.

Earlier this year Drake was revealed to be in the studio with year-old Canadian legend Paul Scotpio. While there is nothing on here to reignite his situation with Pusha, Drake does make several references to his son. Steff exercise bike with dildo to her Instagram to reveal her presence on the album, writing:.

Get backstage sneak peeks and a true view into our world as the fun and games unfold. B uy Clash Magazine. Header Left Sections. Search form Search ClashMusic.

on scorpio pinterest and scorpion

Popular Fashion Articles.

News:The scorpion is the basic and the least-evolved totem of a Scorpio and is symbolized May 31, Explore Atom Evolveds board Scorpio, followed by people on Pinterest. Watch newest evolved scorpio porn videos for free on xHamster. February 10, has been delayed for the open-world dinosaur survival game.

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