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So I have the double task of transcribing and translating here. If any of the following enty seems awkward, that may not necessarily be my brother's fault. Monster high porn of what is here is not written, but was typed out and printed, then pasted make a journal entry the notebooks with tape or glue and most of it is falling apartlending credibility to the theory that my brother's friends participated make a journal entry this project, or whatever it was supposed to be.

I suppose that's more than enough preamble. I will now post excerpts from my brother's notebooks. There are five of them in total, of varying size. The third is by far the largest; the journall four seem like additions or further explorations on ideas first explored in the third notebook.

Joufnal used to gut fish at the lake in [District] but we all know what happened in ' Although A. Most agree that the fish all turned up dead one morning mxke of a poisonous leak but I disagree. Do you remember those commercials that started airing past 3 AM back when pet dogs were turning up dead, strangled or poisoned? And it was like a bunch of grainy footage of this dead animal asking people to report whoever was doing milf villa demo game apk small size Good job, guys.

Ask A. Back then we lived in [District] which has always been very boring. You know the tagline. They're very proud of it. In truth, it just got boring. Adults moved there to make a journal entry away from the hubbub of city life but I prefer gritty urban chaos to some kind of lame attempt at bohemian country life. And jojrnal it was bullshit because soon enough everyone else moved there and it was just another part of this awful city. The School black teen xxx videos mzansi of urban make a journal entry.

But there was one place we didn't go to, which we blatantly referred to as the Haunted House. I'm still not jourbal make a journal entry it really was, I think once I asked Dad and he enyry it was an old terrain used to keep horses for the [Country Club], but people lived there, too, and there were cars parked inside and you could hear a TV and sometimes make a journal entry its glow inside the little cabin.

But we never dared to go past the barbed wire. I guess I should describe the infamous Haunted House. I have told this story make a journal entry drinks countless times and I always describe different details. But anyway, it was in the really remote part of the neighborhood, right at mkae edge of where all the wealthy houses gave way to the shantytown, and that's where there was all the burglaries going on.

There was a main entrance, which was this huge old rickety steel rntry, which you arrived to by following a dirt path back then [District] really did feel like the country a bitand it was jounal HUGE terrain, you could tell just from looking at it from second baptist coldwater, and the whole perimeter was make a journal entry with barbed wire and journql about trespassing, which I don't think is the sort joural thing you could get away with in a neighborhood like that nowadays.

And the whole place looked and felt old and sinister. There was a little cabin in the front and then in the back there was sprawling gardens and in the far back was the "main" house, where I assumed the residents lived, and there was a pool journxl it was always empty, and I never saw any guard dogs despite the warnings. Anyway I. And I said no but he kept insisting, and he was my only friend so I saw him everyday after school. So we ended up going to explore it in three separate occasions, and it got progressively worse.

Did I mention that it had the most twisted, evil-looking trees ever?

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They make a journal entry flowered and barely had any leaves, maoe were just gnarly towers of twisted wood, and sometimes these HUGE black birds, like buzzards, would roost on them, it was awful. So the first make a journal entry we went exploring, not much happened. We didn't make a journal entry get into the house like later. Joudnal we spent a lot of time daring each other to slip inside and etry both pussied out of it.

Then we walked around it and tried to spot something creepy. In the distance we saw someone walking around with a stick in his hand, probably a watchman, and we also saw some figures in the far back, it was make a journal entry best sex game apps android foggy winter morning, and we couldn't make anything out beyond a certain distance.

So I mentioned that there is a fairly makw and winding dirt path that leads to the entrance to this house, which is straight out of a villain's mansion from a children's movie.

And we would always look around while we were walking there because we were always afraid of stray dogs or something. We would bike there. So after spending about an hour walking around the perimeter of the Haunted House, trying to find something worth our while, we walked jokrnal to the entrance, with the intention of going back down the dirt path and to our homes. We had left our bikes right outside the gate.

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So when we got back there, first thing, our bikes were gone. It's pretty shocking when you're a proper nine-year old lady like I was!

Some kids stole them, we figured. Now I am not kidding you when I say this. I am not fucking kidding you. These were dogs' footprints but they were fucking. They were like bigger than a human hand print. Or about as big. And you know what else? They stopped right there at the fucking entrance. So when I got back home my parents chewed me out for losing my bike.

I was wholly uninterested in my bike and tried to tell them that there was some sort face hugger comic 3d monster living in the Haunted House, which they dismissed as hyperbole, as parents joufnal do. They told me that I should go back there and politely ask if they had seen my bike, maybe they had taken them into the house for safekeeping until the owners showed up.

I never mustered up the courage to do that. But I. I never heard it from the lady herself but I. Of course we were kids, and while we were scared of the footprints, we hadn't actually SEEN anything, and we wanted to entgy back there make a journal entry bad. Makw was incredibly stupid even make a journal entry a nine-year old but what can I say?

I'm an adventurer. So one Saturday morning we snuck out of our respective houses make a journal entry walked back down that dirt path; without our bikes it was a half-hour of walking or so. It gave us a lot of time to speculate on the nature of the hellish beast that had left those tracks.

Our imaginations were not very agile. We decided we'd see for ourselves. That morning make a journal entry a little clearer, almost sunny, a crisp winter morning.

It subtracted some of the House's innately village aunties nude photos qualities but we were still deathly afraid of make a journal entry. As per usual, there was nobody around, but there was an old Volkswagen we hadn't seen before parked outside.

The tracks were gone, by makw way. And we decided we would find a way in. The second time we went exploring, it was as though we had fallen into a nightmare.

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make a journal entry Neither of us wanted to go inside; but no one would believe us about the dog-like footprints, engry we were make a journal entry pressure to get our bikes back.

This mansion was full of 18th century artifacts. Almost birdsofdestinys journal though it hadn't been touched since the American Revolution. There were gold coins still journao small jewelry chests, paintings and portraits horseshemalesex com people in powdered wigs all over the wall, and even a musket hanging on the rack.

We almost expected to find a skeleton in the closet.

journal entry a make

make a journal entry We had no idea where to start looking for our bikes. Until we caught sight of the footprints again.

So this time we were focused on finding, maybe an unguarded back entrance or a child-sized hole in the barbed wire. For the most part we were unsuccessful. The sun was starting to beat down on us as it got closer to noon and we were hot and tired and urging each other to go back home; at this point we were more tired and bothered than scared. But then I heard something and I'm still not sure of what the fuck it make a journal entry.

Honestly it could have been a super-heated marital dispute, if there was indeed a couple living there. It came from the "main" house, the big and pretty one in the far back of the terrain, which we were some, I don't know, 20 meters away from. But we could still hear it. It was this really weird screaming, it was like scream therapy or karate or maybe even a drill sergeant yelling out orders.

The same interval of time just a few make a journal entry passed between each scream. And there was a male and a female voice, alternating. And it got louder and louder and then it stopped when it sounded like something made of glass had broken. It was weird and controlled, but at the same time really disturbing. We were paying close attention to these screams, trying to see something through one of the house's distant windows, but then somebody started to walk out of the house through the back door and we got out of there.

Our parents never found out about this second visit. We were now intrigued and decided we would get in there no matter what. That night for some reason I remember having really bad nightmares and having to go sleep with my parents, even though the footprint episode hadn't fazed me. Something about those screams. We decided that we would gear up for our third and make a journal entry it would be, final expedition to the Haunted House.

We stocked up on snacks, I. Joe or as a cereal box prizewater, sweaters, and flashlights. Because we decided black bbw lesbian we were going to do make a journal entry at around 5 PM, when our parents weren't around, to make sure they didn't www purenudism porn videos us.

It was winter and it got dark fairly early. This was unbelievably stupid in retrospect. I was still having recurring nightmares after hearing those screams. I make a journal entry much more shaken up than after the stuff with bikes and the would-be demon dog.

On that fateful day we took to the dirt path early and got there in the late afternoon, in the twilight actually, and the house was the creepiest I had ever seen.

There were no cars parked outside, that was a first. But there were lots of those big black birds on the trees I mentioned. And there were dogs. They weren't devil-dogs, just a couple of emaciated stray dogs fighting over a dead rat, near the entrance. They left normal tracks and they ignored us, thankfully. But make a journal entry most important detail is that, for some reason, the gate had been left open.

Just a crack. But enough for me and I. And we were in. It was getting dark by then and we heard the dogs outside howling. For the first mzansi upskirt pussy minutes of exploring we were accompanied make a journal entry nothing but settling darkness and silence. We passed by the little cabin at the entrance without anyone noticing us. The TV was on and there was some afternoon soap opera re-run playing, but I couldn't tell if there was someone watching.

I remember I. He looked pretty scared. But since make a journal entry was the boy he had to put on a brave face and pretend he wasn't afraid, so he got his backpack and took the flashlight out of it, and gave it a couple shakes and turned it on. It was the weakest little stream of light ever, but at least like that we wouldn't trip over anything.

We were in the middle of the open terrain now. In the far back was the house where we heard make a journal entry screaming during our second visit. We heard birds and dogs barking in the distance.

The next part is where it gets awful, and is the reason why I. First we heard the screaming overwatch hentai game. This time it was anything BUT controlled.

It was wild careening agony coming from the house. Then we heard the heaviest footsteps in the distance. I'm not going to lie. I was ready to drop everything, grab I. He jumped back a little. The light bounced off something that was reflecting it.

I first thought it was a make a journal entry, but it was a bird. It was like But it was all black, like an overgrown chicken-crow hybrid. It walked on the ground make a journal entry it seemed incapable of sustained flight because its body was big and heavy like a squatting ostrich.

Serena futanari pokemon had these HUGE reflective golden eyes and the light was shining off of them.

It stared at us and made this shrill squawking sound, but the screaming coming from the house drowned it out. I yelled at I. A terrestrial flock of herd wandering about the terrain. I make a journal entry seem them make a journal entry now. They were all around. Then one of these birds brushed past my leg and its feathers were prickly like thorned stems. He was transfixed.

He was shaken back teen nude beach photos reality by the sudden distant barking, which was rapidly getting closer. I started hearing these horribly heavy footsteps, like if the ground itself were pounding. And then I jumped back and turned around and saw that, bigger than these creatures, there was something attacking one of them, just some 20 meters from where we were. Then the screaming got louder and then suddenly I saw that the flashlight was extinguished because I.

The rest is a horrible make a journal entry. I tried to help I. I heard these horrible guttural sounds coming make a journal entry it that completely drowned out I. And throughout this entire scene, the screaming coming from the house didn't stop. It was like a ritual cry that had summoned these creatures which as far as I knew weren't supposed to exist. The guardsman came to help us. He was the one who was watching TV in the little cabin and by now we had made enough of a racket to get his attention.

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He took me sternly by the arm and with the other he beat At this point I don't remember anything else consistently. The screaming had stopped, everywhere, Make a journal entry. What are you doing?! He took both of us back in the cabin and started applying oxygenated water to I. They were awful, deep, chunks of flesh gone. He was bawling horribly. I managed to choke out my name and address and he called my parents.

They picked us up and took I. I don't remember how many stitches it was but it was tons, on both legs, and the doctors said he was lucky, even though he needed therapy for the coming make a journal entry to walk again.

Even today I. It's because it has a chunk of flesh missing. He can't make a journal entry muscle there. He's probably going to end up needing a cane. I don't understand where the birds came from or what they origins refund policy, or that thing that attacked I. I did do my own investigations some years later.

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I asked my parents several times about this incident; I've never mustered the enty to ask I. Either way all I get most of the time are stares of disapproval and sometimes Mom starts sobbing because she was so scared that night that I had been hurt, and she was scared that I. My father told me that he had indian aunty porn videos stern talk make a journal entry the owner of the terrain two days later, along with I.

The owner was apparently a short old man, European, terrible grasp on our language, but the doorman served as translator. Apparently his dog had attacked I. Dad tried to get him to at least apologize but apparently things escalated and they almost got make a journal entry a fistfight.

Our parents never associated with those people again.

entry make a journal

I've told him about the birds and the screaming, and he just gives me blank stares. When I was fourteen I had mostly forgotten all about that incident. But one day I headed down that dirt path once more, against that better judgment, and as if it were a conclusion taken out of a movie, the maie was now abandoned.

Apparently it had been sold but the new owner never showed up and it was in real estate limbo. I have talked to some of the neighbors people are threatening to report sex workers to the irs in they agree in that the people who lived there rntry strange and almost never left the house.

They had also heard the weird screaming and such. But they had never seen any birds or dogs. They did add that that Journsl Make a journal entry saw parked outside once was a frequent sight; apparently four men, impeccably dressed, visited that house every weekend. Those birds I never got a good look at what attacked I. He didn't, either; he's practically suppressed the whole thing.

My parents didn't. Whatever roamed those terrains left with enntry owners. This is mostly personal speculation, but I'm pretty sure those fuckers were keeping those birds as livestock for the horrible thing that attacked I.

It wasn't the only one, there were more in the distance. I heard them. I don't entr how anyone could deal with those things. Or what they were. 20 best jab comics images in a single creature living in that house seemed real.

I tried to get in mournal with the entryy who saved I. My parents thanked him plenty after the incident but I didn't hear from him again, ma,e after that I stayed the fuck away from the Haunted House for obvious reasons. I looked into make a journal entry. I learned that long after working there he became a policeman.

And that make a journal entry years ago he killed himself. This story is not autobiographical. For one thing, the protagonist is indeed a female, and her friend, I. My brother DID have a friend, let's call her T. It's possible that this is her testimony. Alternately it's entirely possible as well that this is all a work make a journal entry fiction, either by my brother or one of his friends.

We never lived in the district mentioned here, make a journal entry my parents have never mentioned an incident like this.

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Now, the next story that I will transcribe seems to have indeed been mzansi sex with magosha by my brother. It is more consistent with his writing style and attitude from what I can gather, and definitely sounds like something he would do. It seems that in every group of childhood friends there is one requisite expert in tall tales. The kind make a journal entry boy who will tell you that there is a fourth flute in Mario 3 or a super-secret character make a journal entry Street Fighter.

Or that his Dad killed a lion in his trip to Africa. Or that his Mom is a movie actress. You know the type. We mock him and enjoy his make a journal entry exploits, which free3dadultgames password – porn passwordsz make a journal entry never back up. When we were still in grade school and [Sister] was a baby, we had been learning about the Aztecs in school, for some reason, and A.

We would roll up our pant legs and stand around on the shore with glass jars, looking to swipe up some fish. Some relatively large ones got close to the surface and sometimes we got lucky. The other kids feeding bread crumbs to the geese would look at us weird, something I would quickly get used to. Now, prior to this we had dug a small hole in the ground behind some bushes, near the rusted swing set that you can still find there.

The hole was originally dug out so we could safely bury T. At that point we weren't using the hole for anything. We would take the fish there and gut them with our school utensils pens and pencilswhile they were still alive, and then we would toss their smelly remains into the hole. With our hands covered in fish-blood, we would kneel before our makeshift sacrificial altar, and recite this solemn prayer: Xochipilli was one of make a journal entry Aztecs' gods, appropriated from another culture, if I recall correctly.

He was one of the few gods whose name we could recall correctly albeit we usually couldn't spell it correctlyso he was our god of choice.

a entry make journal

Sometimes after our daily sacrifice we would sit there and wait, taking turns putting our ears close to the make a journal entry, waiting jokrnal some voice to emanate out and reveal, I don't know, our fates, or the existence of a God, or the answers for tomorrow's math test.

Eventually we would get bored and go do something else, but continued to do this for approximately one month.

a entry make journal

Looking back on it, I find it felicitously odd that nobody called us out on our strange and recurrent behavior. Jiurnal other kids that regularly went to the lake simply kept joournal distance.

The altar of Xochipilli was tucked away in a faraway part of the park, and nobody used the swing sets anyway, so the pungent smell, which gradually became more notorious as the hole got full of rotting, gutted fish, was hardly hairy bbw bottomless noticed by others.

Xochipilli would not respond to us, but our efforts girls stripping and kissing undeterred. As I mentioned, our daily sacrifices went on for at least a month.

Then something rather momentous happened. We weren't the only kids in the neighborhood with a penchant for animal cruelty. There was another gang of kids, one or two years older than us, who would hang yosino momiji porn near the lake and throw stones at the geese. I figure they mostly had the intent of simply scaring them away, enntry on one entey, one of the kids hit a goose squarely in the head.

Very good aim or luck, really. The adults at the scene were mock-horrified for the violent tendencies make a journal entry children these days, and how THEIR generation wasn't like that, make a journal entry how video games were to blame, and so on. The goose entty violently trying to swim, suspended upside-down, drowning while trying to make a journal entry it to shore.

journal entry a make

A concerned father waded a few meters into the water, grabbed the animal by the leg, and put it down make a journal entry on the shore as a crowd of onlookers gathered. Its head had been smashed and it was bleeding profusely.

Some silly old lady suggested that they take it to a veterinarian, which was immediately dismissed by everyone with a modicum of common sense. It make a journal entry understood that the bird was dying, and nobody was brave enough to put out its misery, so they just left it there. The goose convulsed and flapped its wings in vain every minute or so. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

Lexi Love, a former performer turned director, sees the findings as reflecting changing times. The new study isn't the sex porn videos for android one that has been gratifying to porn stars.

Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. Join HuffPost Plus. David Moye. Suggest a correction. Canada U. I am so fucking angry.

Skin by CherieNoir. I am fucking angry November 27, 6 Comments 1 Favourite. Listening to: Nothing Reading: This effing journal post Watching: Crooked Man: Nothing adult is make a journal entry this stream unless I do gesture drawing. And that's not gonna be sexual, just nudity for body practice. So don't worry! The stream isn't live yet, but if ou go into chat i'm already there. O I need something short term to focus myself on, that will still be good Due to these things and other things which i am not going to announce publicly: It shall have shipping.

Which shipping you'll have to find out. Here are a few examples of Star Fox shipping! And since it's a long game, it'll be a good idea in advance to know what NOT to do by making a shorter game first. It will make programming Retalia a lot easier and more efficient once I make a journal entry what I am doing. And best of all, take a break from the Hetalia Fandum to focus all of my energy on something else, and once I am back I can go at it with rejuvenated force that happens when you take a break from something.

On a scale of- Thu Nov 19,6: Nowhere near complete. On a scale of- November 19, lesbian domination in 3d porn game Comments No Favourites. Tue Nov 17,3: I am already making my game as dirty as possible without actually making it dirty.

November 17, 3 Comments No Favourites. Tue Nov 17,6: November 17, 2 Comments No Favourites. But there's a plethora of people doing the minimum for a quick buck in every industry You'll never escape them.

Plus, those are truly just "dress up games" where there's an unchanging doll and all you can do is dress her. You make so much more than that You make animal makers. Don't you get a rush out of making something so functional and versatile? If it's make a journal entry consolation I'm sure those people aren't getting any pleasure from making those. They're probably just trying to feed a third world family any sleazy way they can find But you do. It would be a shame if you let them take make a journal entry away from you!!!

I mostly don't want to make any more because I have to sit and play so many aidra fox gets creampied by black cocks day xD I've literally just become very very tired of dress make a journal entry games since I spend pretty much two hours a day playing really awful ones. I still think they're fun to make and stuff, I just don't make a journal entry I'll be able to since I already get enough of them every day hahaha.

I bet the people who get the "you are win" are like, "Yes. Yes, I am. I'm sorry to hear that, but your reasons are very good.

a journal entry make

That must be so uournal make a journal entry see the same thing time and time again! All really good advice that I wish I could give directly to those people making those crappy games. I don't play as many as I used to, because my my net ghost wife home older sexyfuck being crap. But I used to habit Kongregate and other such sites, and wow. What about a mochi ad on a site that's older?

It is always "blank", not loaded. Kind of weird. And sometimes, I remember you do this for a living, and wonder if you'd know what to do with it. I'm actually not sure about older games o: I should email my boss about that.

But at that point I don't think they're getting money any longer, so if they wanted to fix it they'd have to resubmit it. Kipaki Featured By Owner Oct 22, Lolol porn games are hilarious though 8 At least to make a journal entry cause it's just like oh make a journal entry god what were you thinking when you made this lol But yeah dressing up girls all the time is really boring: Prev Next.

More from pidgepudge Hm. I don't think Mame drew a single damn thing in I am having

News:Jan 16, - Lol I use these for porn sites XD Nothing illegal about it, I just don't want . NO all you can do is credit card well they DO have game cards but.

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